Physical education consists of a series of movements, sometimes rhythmic, that allow children and young people to consume their energy and continue to explore all the physical possibilities available to them. In other words, it is a continuation of baby gymnastics, which participates in building the child’s body pattern and helps him to acquire different landmarks to learn to move. This discipline is practiced, of course, in the gym, but it also has the advantage of being accessible from home and, on a daily basis, indoors and outdoors! A skipping rope, a trampoline, a gym ball and the child can start consuming his energy! Pleasure and fun guaranteed!

In addition, discipline allows young athletes to acquire certain notions to integrate into society. They will learn respect, both for others and for rules and instructions, through the rules imposed by the game and which will be assimilated so quickly! Physical education is also an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your child, spending quality time. It is easily accessible and is an excellent base for continuing to practice the sport!

Rule number 1 of this discipline is that, first, your child discovers the pleasure and that the practice allows him to carry out at will. And then, thanks to the various materials (jump rope, trampoline, elastic, gym ball), the training gives the child the opportunity to diversify their movements. It is a way to stress different muscle groups, without necessarily realizing it, and to tone up. At school or in the classroom, children will have to learn to coordinate their movements, following the instructions. A great way to learn and grow!

The benefits of the practice are numerous and not only from a physical point of view. Of course, gymnastics will allow children to consume their energy, and in the case of some of them to discharge and thus channel their energy to an activity. It is also a means of managing to focus. Practicing a sport allows them not to give in to sedentary lifestyle and the temptation to spend too much time in front of the screens.

In this way, we cultivate a healthy lifestyle and turn movement into a habit. Following the rules set by teachers or supervisors, a gym session will teach children to be punctual to start the class, to leave their classmate on the trampoline and to listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions. It will set them goals and teach them to be independent. A school of life, actually!